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Please see email below---had some trouble sending yesterday, so am sending again today. Hope you can join the call. 


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Subject: Technical Assistance Conference Call: SAVE THE DATE

We are holding our second technical assistance conference call this coming Monday, November 13, from 2:00 - 3:00 EASTERN TIME!  Please save the date and join us for the call!
Our featured speaker will be Cathy Melvin, Director, Child Health Services Program and Smoke-Free Families National Dissemination Office.  Dr. Melvin also directs the National Partnership to Help Pregnant Smokers Quit.  She will be discussing some of the very exciting changes happening with the National Partnership and how you might be affected by these changes!  I will distribute any call materials prior to Monday's call.
We will also be asking those who are joining the call to share a quick state update with the group since it is rare that we are all together and it is often useful to hear what each state is doing with regard to their action plan.
Dial In Information:
Number: 1-866-548-4703
Passcode: 500415
We look forward to having you on this call and are excited to have Dr. Melvin join us!
Thanks very much, 
Sara Gordon
sgordon at amchp.org
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