[NFIMR] Ambient environmental factors related to SIDS?

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Agreed. That is exactly what we see in Virginia
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Hi Kelly  and Anne,
I appreciate Kelley's wisdom.  We've been seeing the same  thing, for  
many years.

We had 5 babies die in a 2 day period  in Wayne Co, MI in July either  
last year, or maybe it was  2009.  When we finished the investigations  
the risks were 4 -  unsafe sleep in bedsharing situations with mom and  
sibs, and one  died in soft bedding, in adult bed, prone, alone.   
Sleeping  baby supine, in a safety approved crib, with nothing in the  
crib but  the baby and a pacifier - saves lives. We totally support  
room  sharing, but not bedsharing.

I work on FIMR in Michigan, in Wayne Co  and on CDRT in Wayne Co and  
Detroit.  We do not find SIDS  deaths and have not for over 8 years,   
We find suffocations,  some accidental manners and some homicide.

Pat Tackitt RN, MS
WCMEO  - Pediatric Mortality Investigations
FIMR - Detroit, MI
734  306-3452

On Jun 20, 2011, at 5:12 PM, Kelley Bowden wrote:

>  I am not aware of other factors.  We are looking at the issues   
> related to SUID, as we have also had several deaths while bed-  
> sharing with an adult.  We have done extensive literature  reviews  
> and have not found any environmental factors (other  than the usual  
> cigarette smoking,  over-heating).
> People often quote Japan as having the lowest  SIDS rates, but I  
> recently learned that their bed sharing  deaths are classified as  
> suffocation deaths, not SIDS  deaths.
> We are continuing to critique these deaths.  At  this point it looks  
> like bed sharing in an adult bed is a high  risk situation and should  
> be avoided.
>  Kelley
> Kelley Bowden, MS, RN
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>>>>  "Packham, Anne" <Anne.Packham at cincinnati-oh.gov> 6/15/2011 2:27   
>>>> PM >>>
> Greetings,
> We  recently had three otherwise healthy babies died of SUID within  
>  three
> days within about a two mile radius.  Granted, all of them  were
> co-sleeping in an adult bed. But I wondered if anyone is aware of  any
> research on possible environmental (ambient) factors that could  be
> related to sudden infant death.
>  Thanks,
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